Non Chemical Methods that we can offer you:

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Sentricon and Reckon Termite Baiting Systems

If you are not wanting us to implement a chemical treated zone we can implement either a Sentricon or Reckon Termite Baiting System around your home.  Download brochure and refer to information included in Termite Control – Post Construction.

ReKon Brochure

Rodent & Cockroach Control

If you are concerned about rodenticides we can offer you alternative solutions these are –

  • Sticky pads for Cockroach and Rodent Control
  • Physical traps for Rodents and Birds

Altriset Termiticide (classified as a non poison)

We can now offer you a chemical that is classed as non poisonous.  We can implement a treated zone around your home which will not impede on the environment. Download brochure

Altriset Brochure

Bed Bug Control

  • Bug lock mattress and base protectors – for Bed Bug control. Download brochure

Buglock Brochure

Dust Mites

  • Allerzip  protect-a-bed for the control of dust mites, bed bugs and liquid stains. Download brochure

Allerzip Brochure