Most chemicals are insect specific – which means they target a specific insect, and are designed in different ways to eliminate that specific insect.  e.g either by targeting the synapses of the nervous system or the muscular system of that particular insect. All chemicals are dangerous to a certain degree; otherwise they would not do their intended job, however during all our treatments we use the latest and the most environmentally safe chemicals available.

Before every treatment a written risk assessment is undertaken to reduce you, your family, your pets and your immediate environment to any undue chemical exposure.

We can treat areas where case sensitive people reside and environmentally sensitive areas, and are happy to use non-chemical methods in both pest and termite control.

Insecticides and Termiticides that we currently use are:
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  • Bifenthrin

Bifenthrin Brochure

  • Termidor

Termidor Brochure

  • Altriset

Altriset Brochure

  • Temprid 75
  • Cislin
  • Coopex Dust
  • Phantom

Gels and Baits that we currently use are:

  • Maxforce Quantum
  • Maxforce Gold


MSDS Sheets are available for all our chemicals (these can be down loaded from