Termidor Warranty

Termites = No insurance cover?

Don’t be surprised to find that your current building insurance does not cover you against the structural damage that termite’s cause. Most, if not all insurance policies specifically exclude structural damage caused by termites. It’s a big worry especially considering that Australia has the most destructive termites in the world. A recent CSIRO survey revealed that more than one in three homes will be attacked by termites resulting in an estimated damage bill of more than $100 million every year

How would you like the peace of mind of knowing that if termites invade your home and caused structural damage, you wouldn’t have to pay the repair bill?

Well now this peace of mind can be yours.

What you need to implement to be eligible for a Termidor $2 Million Dollar Warranty.

  1. Have a current Termidor Treated Zone – implemented by an Accredited Inspector/Company.
  2. Have a yearly Visual Timber Pest Inspection.
  3. Rectify any conducive conditions identified in the Visual Timber Pest Inspection.

Don’t be eaten out of house and home. 



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Termidor has been helping Australian home owners protect their assets for more than 10 years. Now the number one trusted brand for termite control in Australia has established a new level of confidence, security and peace of mind with the Termidor Assurance Warranty. Offering cover for structural damage up to 2 million dollars, its just another example of Termidors dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction. Would you like to know more, contact us for the details.