VISUAL INSPECTIONS: We can inspect you house for Active Termites, Termite Damage, Fungal Decay, Safety Hazards relating to Timber Pests and their Damage, Moisture Issues, Termite Management Programmes, Conducive Conditions relating to Timber Pest Attack, Timber Borers and we can even help you apply for Termite Insurance.

Annual Inspections. To be one step ahead of Timber Pests, Australia Standard AS3660.2-2000 recommends annual inspections to be conducted. This is a small price to pay when you consider the replacement cost of termite damage to your home. By having annual inspections you can become proactive in helping with the management of Termite control in and around your home.


To be proactive you can address the issues that predispose your home to termite attack

  • keep the gardens and vegetative debris well away from the outside of your home – exterior walls
  • make sure that no taps are leaking – in and around your home
  • ensure that your gutters are cleaned out regularly and are kept in good order and that the down pipes exit away from the buildings edges
  • address any maintenance in relation to wood decay such as leaking bathrooms, sinks or roofs
  • If you have large trees in the grounds you should inspect them regularly for termite nest, mudding or unusual marks
  • Do not store timber products on the ground or against walls of the buildings