Post Construction

Where termite attack has occurred in an existing building the following steps must be undertaken:

  • A full inspection will be conducted to determine the type of termite, the extent of the activity, and the amount of damage that has been done. We do this so that we can determine the best course of treatment to implement.
  • Active termites are treated. We do this by introducing a chemical dust directly into the termite workings or foaming the affected area with Chemical foam. A non-chemical procedure can also be undertaken using an Insect Growth Regulator. These treatments are checked after a period of 21 Days to verify that we have gained colony control.
  • A Chemical Treated Zone or a Termite Monitoring and Baiting program is then implemented.

CHEMICAL TREATED ZONE: A Chemical Treated zone is where the soil abutting the building is treated by a chemical to create a continuous barrier around the buildings perimeter and any control joints, piers or attachments. Any areas of exposed soil will be trenched with the soil be treated as it is replaced. Concrete and tile areas will be drilled and the chemical will be injected into the soil underneath with all holes sealed upon completion. Certain types of chemicals will have different life expectancies (Subject to ideal conditions) and will work in different ways.

TERMITE MONITORING AND BAITING: Termite monitoring and baiting works by creating ideal aggregate points for termites. Once termites are detected in these aggregate points they are baited using either a chemical formulation or an insect growth regulator. Termites feed aggressively on the cellulose content of the bait, which is loaded with a chemical that is lethal to termites. As the termites feed on the bait they will establish the bait station as a preferred feeding site, because of the social structure and the behaviour patterns of termites, the chemical is easily transferred to all the other termites in the colony. Once infected it is only a matter of time before the colony is eliminated.