Australia has over 300 native species of termites, most of which are not pests of timber in service. They are however, important components to our environment, reducing fallen trees and shrubs in forests and bushland to minerals and organic material, and returning these to the soil. Termites are often referred to as “white ants”, but they have few characteristics in common with ants. In fact many species of ants are enemies of termites.

We have the experience to achieve successful management of termites; we have extensive knowledge on their biology and behaviour and have a sound knowledge of building construction techniques to help determine the point of entry and best treatment method required.

Treatment options include: Chemical, Reticulation and Bait Stations.

EMROD Pest Control are “Timber Pest Accredited” and have extensive training in the detection and the treatment of Termites and are able to tailor a treatment plan for you. This treatment plan and some Integrated Pest Management Procedures that you can implement such as:

  • If you think you have found Termites collect specimens and then seal the affected area so that light does not enter the workings, we need termite activity so that we can effectively treat the Termite colony.
  • Reduce food sources such as stored timbers, dead stumps and garden debris from around the building and grounds.
  • Reduce or redirect areas of high or prolonged moisture such as air conditioner drains, leaking hot water overflows and dripping taps away from the building.
  • Conduct regular inspections of areas where timber piers or attachments join the building.

Combining these integrated procedures with regular inspections from us will help reduce the chance of Termite attack on your property.