Fleas can be pests in homes, hotels, motels and wherever human populations occur, often where these areas are shared with animals.

There are many species of ticks, but the species which are most often encountered along the east coast of Australia are the Australian paralysis tick and the brown dog tick. Both ticks can occur on many different animals, as well as on humans. The Australian paralysis tick causes the death of animals, particularly dogs and cats, and illness in humans.

Our technicians have undertaken extensive training in the treatment of Fleas and Ticks and are able to tailor a treatment plan for you. This treatment plan and some Integrated Pest Management Procedures that you can implement such as:


  • Take care of pets, especially by washing.
  • Daily – inspect pet bedding materials, and remove flea larvae and pupae by shaking them thoroughly outside.
  • Treat pets by either external or oral medication.
  • Regularly wash floors, and¬† vacuum or steam clean carpets (whichever is appropriate)
  • Vacuum the relevant areas of the house prior to our treatment, and treat the bag contents before disposal.

Flea Handout

Paralysis Tick:

  • Inspect and remove loose vegetation.
  • Discourage bandicoots, or transfer them to other sites, as they are natural hosts of this tick. Bandicoots are protected animals and must not be hurt or killed.
  • Inspect animals daily, with particular attention to the head and ears.
  • Treat pets by either external or oral medication.
  • Inspect children. Make them aware of the early symptoms of tick attachment.

By implementing these things it will help us work with you to alleviate your Flea or Tick problem.