JUST IMAGINE: You have decided to sell your home! You have someone sign a contract only to find out after they have had a Pre-purchase Timber Pest Inspection that you have active termites/termite damage that you were not aware of !. When was the last time you had an inspection? The sale falls through.  Don’t let this happen to you.


PRE SALE TIMBER PEST INSPECTION: We can arrange a pre-sale inspection which will identify any unforeseen problems that may hold up your sale such as active termites, termite damage, and lack of termite control or out dated termite management systems. We also indentify conducive conditions that can pre-dispose your home to termite attack.


Why have a Pre-Sale Inspection.

Be Prepared – For a small outlay you can have one of our Accredited Timber Pest Inspectors do a Pre-sale Timber Pest Inspection, so that when the time comes to put your house on the market you will be ready.