Rats and mice require food and shelter like most animals, and these are provided in buildings, particularly during late autumn and winter when they enter houses. Once inside buildings they often make their nests in walls and roof cavities. Because of the diseases they carry, rats and mice have contaminated food which is then destroyed. This occurs at the site of harvesting, storage and food manufacture, as well as in homes, restaurants, hotels and motels. The diseases are usually the result of faecal, urine and fur contamination. Rats and mice also cause physical damage. To keep their front teeth to a functional size, rodents must gnaw, and they do so on many products including timbers, furniture and various articles in the house. Electrical wiring has been damaged in this way, resulting in house fires.

Our technicians have undertaken extensive training in the treatment of Rodents and are able to tailor a treatment plan for you. This treatment plan and some Integrated Pest Management Procedures that you can implement such as:

  • Eliminate all food particles, mainly in the kitchen and cupboards. By using a vacuum cleaner on a daily basis.
  • Store food in sealed containers, rather than partially opened bags.
  • Place waste in the garbage bin in sealed bags.
  • Inspect all food containers before storage.
  • Inspect all motors of refrigerators and other appliances regularly as the warmth generated is attractive to rodents.
  • Fill and seal all cracks and crevices in cupboards and walls around all food preparation and storage areas.
  • Keep all doors and other inlets to houses closed, particularly at night.

By implementing these procedures it will help us and you to keep your premises Rodent free.

Rats and Mice Handout